42nd Phil Simms North South All Star Football Game 2023

Dr. Russonella, as the Medical Director, played a pivotal role in overseeing the entire week-long event of the 42nd Phil Simms North/South All Star football game. His responsibilities extended beyond attending the game itself. He took charge of assembling an exceptional athletic training staff comprised entirely of volunteers, ensuring that a high standard of care was maintained throughout the event.

One of Dr. Russonella’s crucial tasks was to ensure that all student athletes participating in the game were cleared to play. He personally reviewed their medical records and conducted necessary evaluations to guarantee their fitness and safety on the field. Dr. Russonella’s availability during practice sessions further demonstrated his dedication and commitment to the well-being of the athletes.

Throughout the entire event, from pregame to postgame, Dr. Russonella was present, making himself readily available to address any medical concerns or emergencies that may have arisen. This level of involvement and attentiveness underscored his role as the Medical Director and exemplified his commitment to the welfare of the student athletes.

During the event, Dr. Russonella and his team had the pleasure of meeting Roman Oben, a former NFL player known for his exceptional skills on the field. A photo op with Roman Oben allowed Dr. Russonella and his team to capture this memorable moment, reflecting their dedication to providing orthopaedic care for athletes and their passion for sports medicine.

In addition to his involvement with the Phil Simms North/South All Star game, Dr. Russonella has also taken on the position of Medical Director for the Roberson East West game. This year, due to the unplayable field at East Orange, the game was relocated to Belleville. Dr. Russonella seamlessly extended his expertise and oversight to the Roberson East West game, ensuring that the athletes received the same exceptional medical care and attention.

Having served as the Medical Director for both the All-Star game and the East West Roberson classic for the past two years, Dr. Russonella has established himself as a trusted and integral part of these prestigious events. His dedication to the well-being of the athletes and his ability to effectively manage the medical aspects of these games further solidify his reputation as a leader in sports injury care.







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