Experts in Sports Medicine

In addition to Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Therapy, North Jersey Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine also utilizes the expertise of our Sports Medicine Team to diagnose, treat and prevent injuries that arise from activity or overuse. Whether you are an elite athlete or the weekend warrior, our goal is to not only diagnose the injury, but also to create a protocol that can eliminate similar injuries in the future. This is achieved by not only addressing the current injury but also by finding the underlying cause such as muscle weakness, imbalance or improper form.
Dr. Michael Russonella is a Fellowship trained Sports Medicine Specialist and leads the Sports Medicine Team at NJOSMI. Dr. Russonella is often able to expedite recovery using non-surgical modalities, including PRP injections. These treatments, coupled with Physical Therapy, often help patients avoid a surgical procedure while still relieving pain and improving function.

Dr. Russonella is also an expert in IMPACT Concussion Management, a 5 step protocol used to examine athletes who have suffered a concussion as well as clear them to play after a concussion has occurred.

The most common injuries treated by our Sports Medicine Team include:

Muscle Injuries
Shin Splints
Tendon Injuries
Ligament Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries
While here at NJOSMI, our multidisciplinary team of Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists and Physical Therapists collaborate on a unique treatment protocol for each patient based on their lifestyle and goals. Each patient’s treatment is also overseen by Dr. Michael Russonella, a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon as well as a Fellowship trained Sports Medicine Specialist.

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