Bloomfield Orthopedic Surgeon

NJOSMI uses state of the art procedures and employs dedicated customer care to enhance patient health results and accelerated recovery rates. Our team is committed to providing a superior level of comprehensive care and treatment in a warm and welcoming environment.
We treat athletes, students, parents, children, and anyone who needs exceptional orthopaedic and sports injury care. Our patients are from all walks of life, and we offer superior treatment to all who come through our doors.

Common Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries and Disorders

NJOSMI is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience.
Ankle and Foot Injuries:
Knee Injuries:
Hand and Wrist Injuries:
Shoulder Injuries:
Elbow Injuries:
Leg Injuries:
Hip Injuries:
Orthopaedic Disorders:

Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment

We employ a mulit-disciplinary approach for superior patient outcomes.

Customized Treatment Plans and Approaches

NJOSMI is dedicated to providing the highest standard of medical care and customized treatment for each and every patient we see, every single time. Dr. Russonella utilizes the experience, knowledge and expertise he has gained through his extensive education and years of providing surgical and clinical treatment. He cares sincerely about your well-being and identifies the proper treatment plan for your unique needs. Our entire staff is focused on making your NJOSMI experience a pleasant one throughout with quick, but thorough, courteous service.

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