Physical Therapy on site

In addition to orthopaedic surgical expertise, North Jersey Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute also offers an on site Physical Therapy suite. This state of the art Physical Therapy suite allows patients to be treated with more conservative modalities, as Dr. Michael Russonella believes that surgery should only be considered after more conservative treatments, such as Physical Therapy, have been explored. In many cases, patients are able to avoid surgery by utilizing both the on site Physical Therapy in conjunction with home exercise programs created by the North Jersey Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine team.
Another major benefit to this on site Physical Therapy location is that both Dr. Russonella and the Physical Therapy Team can coordinate and monitor all aspects of the patient’s care in one location. This is especially important for patients who are undergoing post-operative Physical Therapy as both their surgeon and the Physical Therapy team can track patients progress and recovery.

Our Physical Therapy Facility Includes:

North Jersey Physical Therapy & Wellness Center:

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