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    North Jersey Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute

    6 Brighton Rd #101

    Clifton, NJ 07012


    Open Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm

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    Nutley Orthopedic Surgery

    Comprehensive orthopaedic treatment and care

    At NJOSMI, we provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal problems due to wear and tear and injury in Nutley, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Our team knows our patients and their musculoskeletal systems – bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves – from head to toe. We treat patients of all ages, no matter what your activity level. Whether you’re a student athlete, a pro player, a weekend warrior or a non-athlete, NJOSMI is equipped to serve you.

    Our mission is to keep your body moving and operating efficiently through our patient-centered personalized care. You won’t be rushed. Our physician and staff spend time with you to ensure you understand your condition and all your treatment options. We listen to you and involve you in your care and treatment from beginning to end.

    NJOSMI treats all manner of injuries to your soft tissue, bones and joints that have occurred as a result of sports injuries, work-related accidents or just daily living. Our institute applies the latest technological advances in your care and treatment, through rehabilitative, surgical and non-surgical options. Every step is designed to enable your rapid return to normal function.

    Comprehensive Care

    NJOSMI is a full-service institute for orthopaedic and sport injury medicine. We offer comprehensive services for these concerns, to include the following.

    State of the Art Care

    • Magnetic resonance imaging
    • Digital X-ray
    • Onsite patient education
    • Pain management
    • Physical therapy

    Common Ailments and Injuries

    • ACL injury
    • Tendinitis
    • Ankle Sprains
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Labral tears
    • Cartilage injuries
    • Rotator cuff disorders
    • Hip injuries
    • Meniscus tears
    • Knee cap dislocation
    • Knee pain and knee injuries

    Common Treatment Options

    • AC reconstructions
    • Joint injections
    • Arthroscopy
    • Rotator cuff repair
    • Knee meniscus repair

    Non-surgical options

    • Physical therapy
    • Cortisone injections
    • Viscosupplementation
    • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy

    Nutley, NJ Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Surgeon

    Dr. Michael Christopher Russonella has been working in the field of orthopaedics and sport injury medicine for over a decade. This board-certified and fellowship trained physician brings his extensive experience and dedication to offering the highest quality of care in orthopaedics and sports injury medicine to every patient he treats in Nutley and throughout New Jersey. Dr. Russonella is committed to top notch medical care in the treatment of injuries or illness of the hand and wrist, hip and knee, foot and ankle and shoulder and elbow.

    Turn to New Jersey Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Institute for your musculoskeletal medical needs. We will get you back in action.