Tennis Elbow


Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) is a common condition caused by overuse of the forearm muscles. The condition acquired its moniker because of its prevalence among the tennis community. In fact, as many as 50% of tennis players develop tennis elbow at some point in their careers. However, those diagnoses represent only 5 percent of all cases of tennis elbow.

Repetitive motions or injuries can cause tears in the muscles and tendons surrounding the outside of the elbow (the epicondyle). For athletes, this can interfere with performance, such as when swaying a bowling ball, swinging a golf club, or performing a backswing in tennis.

Tennis elbow can affect anyone at any age. However, the repetitive use of any tool or motion that requires elbow extension increases the risk of developing Lateral Epicondylitis.


Signs and symptoms of Tennis Elbow: 

  • Pain in the outside of the elbow
  • Pain that increases when extending the elbow
  • Pain that increases with gripping or twisting an object
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